Extended Warranty

Cover your appliance from as little as £2.50 per week!!

our pay as you go extended warranty.


When you purchase one of our appliances we give you the option to add on our pay as you go Extended warranties from as little as £2.50 per week.

Appliance repairs and replacements can be costly, stressful and also inconvenient, so it’s in your best interest to be protected. When your tumble dryer breaks down or your cooker stops working you need it back up and running straight away, furthermore the last thing you need is an expensive bill for a repair or even worse a replacement. You can steer clear of this hassle with our pay as you go extended warranty.


So what do we offer.

Our pay as you go cover gives you complete piece of mind for as long as you require it, additionally it offers a repair or replace cover for your appliance therefore if your appliance is deemed uneconomical to repair then we would swap it for a like for like replacement. All you need to do is take out your cover, pay by standing order on a monthly basis and sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your appliance is covered in the event of a breakdown when your free 1 year warranty has expired.


Please note this is only available to customers that have purchased an appliance from us .

Our extended warranty service gives you complete piece of mind against costly repairs when your appliance is no longer covered by your warranty, there are no excess charges or hidden costs to pay, you simply pay a monthly fee by standing order and you’re covered, if however you wish to cancel it at any time just give us 30 days notice and your cover will stop at the end of that 30 day period. We cover your washing machine, washer dryer, tumble dryer, gas cooker and electric cooker, unfortunately we are unable to offer this service on refrigeration at this time.
If you wish to purchase your extended warranty just give us a call on 0161 431 5511 and speak to one of our team
We offer a repair service for you even if you haven’t purchased your appliance from us, obviously it doesn’t fall under the extended warranty service we offer to our customers, but our prices are still significantly better value for our repairs than most other repair companies and manufacturers. We cover the whole of Manchester for this service and all the details can be found on our repairs page
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